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Shinoken & Hecks Pte. Ltd. provides professional real-estate services in Singapore, particularly for private residential properties for rent and sale. Our customers include expatriates relocating to Singapore, local and foreign investors seeking real estate advice and owners whose properties are entrusted to Shinoken & Hecks to manage.
If you are not looking for Singapore’s largest Real Estate Agency – but for someone who listens and actually understands your needs, simply dial this number +65 6717 0069.


Since 1991 we find homes for expatriates. Today with a small team, we are proud to be exclusive relocation service provider for a number of multinational organisations. We will not be “big” but we have motivated, experienced individuals who comprise an unique cultural background, which makes us understand our clients needs.


  1. Engineering Companies
  2. Chemical & Petrochemical
  3. Banking & Finance Institutions
  4. Power Generation Companies
  5. Hotels
  6. Consulates
  7. Insurance Companies
  8. Trading Houses
  9. and more….


As of September 2014, SKG INVEST ASIA (HONG KONG) LTD has become an equity-method affiliate company and partner of the Shinoken Group, as a result of the transfer of 34% of issued stock from our company to Shinoken Group Co., Ltd. (listed on Tokyo Stock Exchange). As a result of this partnership, we have also changed the name of our company from “Hecks Realty Pte Ltd” to “Shinoken & Hecks Pte  Ltd”.


Team Lunch

Tanglin Club Shinoken & Hecks Team Lunch for Chinese New Year Celebration 2019
CNY 2019
Hari Raya 2019 at Shelley’s Home