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S$DistrictBed - BathroomsTypeSize sqftLink
50,000D10 Queen Astrid Park7 / 6Good Class Bungalow28,000Virtual Tour
15,000D21 Sunset Square4 / 5Bungalow7,116Virtual Tour
12,000D21 Sunset Way6 / 5Bungalow6,636Virtual Tour
9,500D10 Namly4 / 4Bungalow6,065Virtual Tour
5,700D23 Park Natura4 / 4Condo2,034Virtual Tour
5,700D23 Park Natura4 / 4Condo2,228Virtual Tour
5,300D04 Reflections3 / 2Condo1,130Virtual Tour
3,300D21 Clementi Park3 / 3Condo1,657Virtual Tour
10,000D04 Coast Sentosa4 / 4Condo2,626Virtual Tour
4,000D21 Cavendish Park3 / 3Condo1,281Virtual Tour
16,000D10 Vanda Road6 / 6Bungalow8,120Virtual Tour
4,000D04 Waterloo View3 / 2Apartment1,776Virtual Tour
11,000D11 Newton Novena5 / 5Bungalow5,236Virtual Tour
8,000D21 Clementi Park4 / 4Penthouse4,424Virtual Tour
17,000D11 Bukit Timah, Eng Neo5 / 5Bungalow7,000Virtual Tour
8,500D10 Woollerton Park Condo4 / 4Condominium2,788Virtual Tour
4,200D26 Springleaf, Mandai, Upper Thomson5/5Semi D3,200Virtual Tour
12,800D10 Grange Residences, Tanglin4/4Condominium2,583Virtual Tour
2,700D20 Thomson View Condo2/2Condominium1,313Virtual Tour
8,000D09 Orchard BLVD Residences3 / 3Condominium2,034Virtual Tour

Asking S$11,800,000 D21 Modern 2 storey Bungalow at Sunset with in-ground Pool
Sunset Sq Bungalow for sale
Asking S$1,500,000 D08   Hertford Collection Penthouse 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom  947 sqft
Clementi Park Condominium (with Google Map Points)
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